Where is the IOA?

For the first time the IOA 2019 will be located at Theater Bremerhaven, in the northern part of Germany. Only a few hundred yards from the seaside with its unique fresh and healthy salty air the theater is complete with everything required to conduct an intensive ten-day academy. 

The beach, the esplanade, the award-winning museums (Klimahaus, Auswandererhaus) as well as the zoological garden at the seaside guarantee good possibilities for recreational activities. A big number of holiday - and theatre appartments (a list will be provided after application) offers various accomodation possibilities from simple to luxury. With joint masterclasses, daily common lunch and maybe some evening activities IOA can ensure an unforgettable experience of shared, productive work, competent and professional exchanges as well as active and meaningful recreational activities. 


Stadttheater Bremerhaven
Am Alten Hafen 25
D - 27568 Bremerhaven











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