Where is the IOA?

The IOA is located in the 12th Century Villigst Mansion House near Schwerte in the Ruhr region of Germany.  Set in a large park directly on the banks of the River Ruhr, the house is complete with everything required to conduct an intensive two-week academy. 

The facilities include several large practice rooms and studies with grand pianos, a large hall for concerts and lectures, comfortable rooms for performance training, as well as modern, light guest rooms, Wi-Fi and a delightful park for recreation and relaxation. The all inclusive full board accommodation includes 3 meals a day with excellent cuisine to suit all tastes. We have chosen this wonderful location because IOA believes that work should also be enjoyable and fun. By accommodating all the participants and coaches in one place, IOA can ensure an unforgettable experience of shared, productive work, competent and professional exchanges as well as active and meaningful recreational activities. 

The major cities of the Ruhr region, Dortmund, Bochum and Essen are reachable within twenty minutes by our shuttle service. North Rhine Westphalia’s so-called Green Lung, the Sauerland, with its forests, lakes and rolling mountain scenery is just a short drive away from Villigst itself. There are excellent transport links to the area with the nearby airports of Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne and Paderborn as well as Dortmund railway station, one of the main hubs of the German railway system. A shuttle service to all these destinations is part of our service and included in the fee. Please contact us in time for our pick – up – service by e – mail.

Haus Villigst
Iserlohner Straße 25
58239 Schwerte